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random update

must post my photos somewhere, if not i may delete them in the future when my dropbox or phone's storage burst. hahah.

omg all photos look so big on my editor. whyy!!!!!!! i hope lj will resize them for me lar. hahhaa.
all above photos are cny with 25 on day4.

haha. forgot to take photos with the LG people on day3 only sneakily took this photo when gambling. so show my ootd lo.

my sissypig and me and blur photo with mummy for day1. hehe. my ootd damn fail lar. how people take nice ootds arh!! i also want to look nice, but half my photos look like i was doing body gag or stuffs.

a bit lazy to add all photos because i haven't been doing this for more than a year. okay last set of photos i went back ntu to celebrate cny.

actually i think no one reads, so i don't really know why i post these. for my own memory sake, and maybe for future whoever to read? hhaha

so byebye! cny update done!

it's september!

Cannot believe 3/4 of the year just flew past. I think i spent more than 1/4 of my year in the hosp. Blehh.

And after graduation, i spent most time at home. Uhms. Doing nth but reading playing games sleeping slacking. Hahhaa. Quite relaxing but starting to think like at this rate i won't wanna go to work anymore. Hahahha.

But cannot lar. Must be more hardworking in job search again. Mehhh.

Random bout of cold attacked and so i am super sleepy and with small swollen eyes, i say byebye.

Till next time.


Some goodbye come too early. Even though you do know they will come some day.

Some people you don't want to lose, whom you have taken for granted that they will stay with you for a long time, may leave earlier than you expected.

So, cherish every moment. With anyone, everyone.

Trying to revive this

Little space and myself. Because i've been too busy with home, school and tuition. Barely have time for myself anymore. Ohmy.

But okay maybe like now. So thankful for that few hours in a day to have some me-time no matter how short it is. I come to this space often. But only to read reviews people post with the online buys. Hahaa. Wtf. I also want to buy many many clothes! Been updating at dayre more because idk, there are those stickers there so cute! And even though i don't update along the day and i did miss a day or two. But i think it's a better place for me to just write my everyday happenings? I open up more at dayre. Lollll.

A lot of things happened since the start of the year and i'm glad and thankful i am still going strong. I admit there are times where i am more weak and emotional and angry than i am supposed to be. But hey, i survived this whole episode, which is still ongoing though.

Been learning many stuffs, especially housework. Haha. Wtf. But yep, next time maybe i can safely tell my future husband. Hey, i'll be able to cope with work and housework! But of course, i'll expect him to share the burden with me lar. Hahahhahaha.

Aiyar, shall not talk so much. Find my bf first. Hahah wtf.

It's the last sem of the whole 4 years of uni life and i just finished one presentation out of the last three i'll ever have in school.
Because, even if there's presentation at work in future, it's gonna be very very different i bet.

Speaking of which. I better get my ass moving in updating my resume. Ohdear. Hating this part of job searching. All the disappointments, anxiousness, and stuffs that i will encounter in the next few months ahead.

Thing now is: what do i really want to do?

So hey!

It's the last day of the year and so i'm gonna make a last post of the year here.

Hmmm. I think this year had beenpretty uneventful, of my life constituting merely work, study, rest and friends. Hahahahaha. Nth much changed for this year and i'm not sure if i am liking it.

Hoping next year will be a better year, with graduation coming up and the dreaded job hunting to start. Blehhh.

I have yet reached my goal for my goa but the schooling part is stopping so i am somehow giving up too. Ah wells. Really really hoping for a second lower but i'm still short of 0.17? Hahahaha. Wtffffffff. Super sick of the gpa chasing race.

As for my friends, gained a few closer friends and thankfullyi doubt i lost any. Well, people are meant to come and go, so i've learnt alot these years to take all these pretty lightly. But but but, everyone is very very important to me okayy. It's just i know howto not let these affect me that much. But that said, thankyou for all the friends who stayed despite my ugly sides. Heheh.

My family has always been the same, closely knitted yet not showing. At least this is what i feel hahahahaha wtf. Like i don't undst my fam. But mmhmm, hoping my parents be healthy always and happy tgt. With the fight ended and today's my parents anniversary!! Hehehe. Am so glad they sticked through each other because i've seen too many broken families in the centre, and this makes me feel bleak about building my own family. Hahaahah wtf.

And as for the love, i'm still waiting for you to come by.

I definitely am hoping i've matured enough. Just that will do.

My 2014 resolution, read more think more love more and open up more.

So be loved and love, 2014. Hehe.